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A Review of Terry Waite's 'Solitude'

A Review of Terry Waite's 'Solitude'

Wednesday 27th May 2020
Sue Morrish

The Lockdown Library in Wardrew Road has boasted a wide variety of genres, including this book. Our neighbour, Sue Morrish, has been self-isolating since the beginning of the pandemic and yet remains consistently cheerful and caring. So when she spotted this book from her window seat and enjoyed reading it, Sue seemed the obvious person to ask to review it. Read what she thought below:



When I first saw a review of this book in a group I follow, I fancied a read. When I saw the title standing out from a distance in the Wardrew Road Lockdown Library, I had to try it. What did the author make of 'Solitude'? Was it just from his terrible time during the five years of solitary confinement and torture or the wisdom and secrets of survival!
Terry Waite didn't disappoint! He was straight in with fascinating descriptions of the way he was travelling to his destinations. His observations are quickly told to the reader and I was off with him. I travelled to hot dry, wondrous places. The people were life hardened, wise and skilful; vast countries and small places made by the will of the people he meets. Near the middle of the book were descriptive photos, which confirm the words you have read.....where, who and what next? Turn the page and discover so many hitherto unknown facts from the interviewee, that have been left unspoken for so long.
Finally, we enter the world of espionage and intrigue. Touching on the incredible and long thought of as fantasy, it's made believable because it's well related and all true. ENJOY!