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Lockdown Library

Lockdown Library

Thursday 9th July 2020

Ann King created a Lockdown Library during this pandemic crisis.

George writes:

In the course of Lockdown and when all manner of shops, venues and libraries were closed for what seemed to be forever the excited voice of a three-year old called out and carried down the silent street. "Look, Daddy! Here's the library!" She reached up, took her father's hand and led him to what was, for her, a place of promise, a place of hidden treasure to be revealed.

In many ways her delight was repeated in what was to become a virtual stream of children and adults, many of whom voiced their own thankfulness when they came across 'St Thomas Lockdown Library'. From a seed of an idea, it had steadily grown to become a resource, a centre of community and support and much, much more. Books went out; books came in and all across many genres. Regularly one could hear the excited voices of parents and children seeking and finding some pearl of a book, some treasure. Similarly, adults met neighbours who they previously didn't know and shared lockdown experiences with each other. Shielding neighbours joined in conversations below from their bedroom windows. Good things were going on in very difficult and challenging times.

These experiences have underlined to me what Bishop Tom Wright tells us*. The Bishop wants us to understand that, through Jesus, the Kingdom of God is happening '...on earth as in Heaven...' NOW! Despite the state the world is in, good things are happening, good things are going on, wherever people with loving, selfless hearts are moved to put themselves out, to put themselves at risk to help others, to put others before themselves. This is the way that God's Kingdom '...on earth as in Heaven...' slowly grows.

The community spirit aroused by the Lockdown Library is only one example locally of a good thing going on in St Thomas, through which hearts were moved and touched by acts of kindness and generosity. The Friends of St Thomas health Centre, the Community Larder and FreeMoovement are amongst many outstanding examples of this spirit.

So, here's the thing. Despite appearances and in the midst of calamitous, disastrous and painful times, God is at work in the world, in our society, here in St Thomas, through Jesus. He acts through those who out of selfless love, care and concern put the needs of others before themselves, giving of themselves on behalf of others.
Jesus lives; a hidden but discoverable treasure!

*Simply Jesus by Tom Wright, Amazon Kindle and Books